Anode Cells

Each Anode cell is manufactured to the specific Electro Coating needs of a client and is manufactured with top quality 316L Stainless Steel and Ion-exchange membrane.

Precious metal oxide-coated titanium anodes are available on request. This material does not contain iron and cannot contaminate the ED paint bath with solubilized iron. The Precious Metal Electrode has a hybrid composition. Its substrate is a titanium thin wall tube. The function of the tube is to serve as a form factor for the precious metal oxide coating. The precious metal oxide coating is applied over the titanium tube and then is oven-cured.

There are two commonly used precious metals oxide coatings:
Ruthenium & Iridium.

Different Types of Anodes:
  • Tubular Side Anodes
  • Tubular Floor Anodes
  • Tubular Roof Anodes
  • C Cells
  • Box Cells
Side Anodes are manufactured in the following sizes:
  • 1/12 Inch
  • 2 inch
  • 3 inch
  • 5 inch

We also offer complete system design, installation and commissioning.

Tubular Anode


5 Inch Tubular Anodes Installed


C Cell Anode


Anolyte Supply Manifold


Typical Box Cell Installation


Combination of Roof, Floor and Side Anodes Installed