Filter Bag Magnet

Filter Bag Magnets are ideal for the catching of Iron Particles in a fluid stream. It is highly effective and in expensive method to trap iron particles in a fluid stream, resulting in higher filter bag life or if no filter bag is installed a cleaner fluid stream.

The outer casing is made from Stainless Steel, which make it suitable for most applications. Typical process include Automotie Paint facilities where Iron particles are carried from the Metal Shop into the Paint Shop pre treatment tanks.

Standard Product:

Length = 700 mm for bagfilter no: 2
Magnetic Fluxdensity: 1.22 Tesla (12 200 Gauss)
Magnetized surface: max. 5 Magnetic elements = 0.25 m²
Efficiency: 70-80% Fe particles ≥1 µm upto 2 mg/l
Max.load: 7 kgs Fe (dry weight)