Magnetic Filtration

Unique Products and Services is the Sole Distributor for MHD Magnets in Africa. Precisely engineered combination of powerful magnetics and tailorized fluid dynamics provide the highest possible rate of filtration.

The pre-magnetizing field mainly flocculates metal fines below 40 microns by inducing full saturation in these particles. These minute particles then become small magnetic dipoles which will attract each other and as conglomerates can be separated more easily by the main magnetic filter.

The Fe particles are attracted and trapped on the outer surfaces of the stainless steel magnetic elements. In the matrix of these aggregates numerous non-magnetic particles s.a. fibres, aluminum and grinding dust can be found.

Depending on the rate of pollution PACMAN magnetic filters can automatically be drained and rinsed every 8 hours. The aggregates may then have grown more than 1 cm.

Worldwide more than 130 PACMAN Magnetic Filters are installed in 51 Car Manufacturing Plants in 21 Nations spread over 5 continents.


Magnetic Filter PACMAN-400 : Capacity 400 m³/hr (1760 g/m)
Material: Stainless Steel 304 / 316 – matt finish
Magnetic Fluxdensity: 1.22 Tesla (12200 Gauss)
Magnetized surface: 29 magnetic elements = 2.7 m²
Efficiency: 70-80% Fe particles ≥1 µm upto 2 mg/l
Max. load: 81 kgs Fe (dry weight)




Method of Operation

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