Scale Prevention

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The magnetic treatment of fluids presents an excellent method of avoiding costly scale formation. Wherever water circulates as a heating or cooling mechanism, in water supply systems, as process water or in chemical manufacturing processes build-up of calcium carbonate, calcium sulphate, iron phosphate and various hydroxides forms a major maintenance headache endangering productivity and operational costs.

MHD Scale Control Technology combines advanced magnetics and fluid dynamics to control the formation of scale in new piping and process equipment preventing blockages and unscheduled shutdowns.
The corrective action entails the proportional dissolving and disintegrating of deposited old scale. These deposits are then carried downstream with the passing fluid.

If left unchecked, scale build-up can seriously increase fuel costs, repair and cleaning costs and downtime.
Magnetic Fluid Treatment provides you with a permanent solution.
Installed internationally in many plants – reference list available on request.

Dissolving and disintegrating existing old scale in cooling water pipes City University, London

Calcium carbonate scale magnetically treated ian industrial evaporative cooling water system

Industrial application

after 3 months

After 7 months


Laboratory trial under comparable conditions

Laboratory trial

After 3  months

After 7 months


After three months trials, the results are clearly visible in the phosphate return lines underneath the cone bottom tanks

Without MHD Magnetic Fluid Treatment:

Tenacious hard scale sticking to the pipe wall

With MHD Magnetic Fluid Treatment:

Soft scale can easily be removed from the pipe wall

MHD Magnetic module SST-12 on the pressure side of the circulation pump

Different Sizes Available

Phosphate Automotive Paint Shop Tank - 2 months after the installation of a MHD Fluid Treatment Result: soft sludge and easy cleaning

Phosphate Automotive Paint Shop Tank - 3 months after the installation of a MHD Fluid Treatment Result: soft sludge can easily be sprayed off heat exchanger almost 100% clean after acid.

Phosphate Automotive Paint Shop Tank - 6 months after the installation of a MHD Fluid Treatment
Result: light scaling of pipe work and nozzles
green precipitate on the tank wall is slowly decreasing starting from the weld seams.

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